1. FanGirling: Steven Klein’s Lady Gaga Fame Commercial

    01 Nov 2018
    This commercial came out in 2013 and today was the first time viewing it.  I almost felt like we dove in Blade Runner.  Well, this video was produced by RSA (Ridley Scott’s commercial company) so it might have been a reference.  I’d like to see Steven direct horror movies. Or…

  2. My Zara Shopping Haul 1.0

    11 Sep 2018
    (Above: Zara Checkered Sequined Sequin Dress at $45, Zara Faux Leather Biker Jacket at $69.99) It’s back to school shopping yet it feels like the 90’s all over.  From the plaid anything making a comeback to baggy clothes with big logos, I was at home with our current fashion trend.   …

  3. The New Age of Branding

    30 Aug 2018
    Your average guru whether it’s your orthodontist, astrophysicist or entrepreneur are now the face of their company or services. Because of social media, consumers want to see whom they are connecting with, whom they will pay their hard earn money to.  Corporations want to know if you bring value to…

  4. Campaign Shoot for MD by Bart Cooper

    14 Feb 2018
    Once again, me and my close friend collaborate on his promo for his art company. This time, he has launched which is an “Art Driven Lifestyle”. Check out the outtakes!

  5. 14th Annual Grammy Brunch Supporting Music and Memory

    08 Feb 2018
    So I got a little blurb. Forgive their misspelling my last name. We know it’s me. This is my 8th year with these incredible folks! Shout out to Bryan Michael Cox and Angela Mack!  VIDEO

  6. #NowPlaying 001: Rock and Bop.

    11 Dec 2017
    The question that I often get is: What do you listen to when you’re not DJ’ing.  The truth is, I normally enjoy Jazz music, Classical, Brazilian / Samba, Electro Chill Vibes. Anything that isn’t on the radio or whatever I play out during my gigs. That would drive me bonkers…

  7. Cycle for Charity x Precious Dreams

    04 Dec 2017
    Shot and edited this 24 hours turnaround piece for Cycle for Charity x Precious Dreams Foundation. Shout out to Nicole Russell, Co-Founder/ Executive Director.

  8. Onyx’s 25th Anniversary

    28 Nov 2017
    25 years ago, a hip-hop group from Queens, Onyx, released their first hit  “Throw Ya Gunz” leading to their award-winning LP, Bacdafucup.  The album met with great commercial success, including heavy airplay on radio and MTV for the single “Slam”.  In honor of their anniversary, check out yours truly…

  9. My Rejection Collection

    23 Nov 2017
    Today, I received yet another rejection letter but this time, for something that I’ve been doing for 15 years. Ouch? Not really.  By now, I have gotten used to people saying “No” to me that when they actually do say “Yes”, I am stunned by that decision.   For a long…

  10. Back To The Basics

    21 Nov 2017
    Montreal’s Gravity Rock celebrated its 20th Anniversary.  If you’d like to know whom I truly am, dig deep into my stomping ground.  I was 14 when I began teaching dance classes at the Cote-Des-Neiges Community Center which have grown into a full-fledge program. With the help of the city, I…

  11. LA Style Magazine Launch

    17 Nov 2017
    That time that I not only DJ’ed the launch party but celebrated my debut magazine cover as a photographer featuring the very funny Kym Whitley. How cool was it that Stevie Wonder dropped by? Peep the cake. 👀 I think they had fun. Not…sure 🤔😁🤗 Thank you LA Style Magazine. …

  12. Atomic Blonde-Inspired Shoot

    11 Nov 2017
    I’ve recently shot (pun intended) my muse, model Chanell Rose, to an Atomic Blonde-inspired theme.  I fell in love with the movie. Charlize Theron is such a bad-ass. I wanted to recreate the 80’s Punk Glam look they’ve embodied. With the help of wardrobe stylist, Tamira Wells, and make-up artist…

  13. My Top 10 Fave Photographers

    09 Nov 2017
    A few years ago, I purchased my first semi pro-camera, a Canon Mark 5D III,  in hopes to shoot my own music videos for my original remixes as a music producer.  While on vacation in the Bahamas, I snapped a few shots of my friends and posted them on Instagram…

  14. ICYMI: Blacklist’s Essentials

    25 Oct 2017
    “I was honored to be chosen for my submission on Essential Asian Films on Blacklist, the hub for screenwriters alike. Here’s the link ” – CO Check my suggestion for Essential Teen Films: The Kings of Summer.

  15. WEtv Appearance on “LA Hair”.

    25 Oct 2017
    Catherine has been tapped to direct “Timeless” written and produced by Elise Neal. Celebrity hair stylist, Kim Kimble, shot the behind the scenes for her show “LA Hair” on WEtv.   Did you catch their 1st Look shoot? It aired on October 15th, 2015 (Season 4, Episode 12 “Snitches Get Stitches”).…

  16. BTS of James Franco’s Evil Days

    25 Oct 2017
    Catherine Ouellette has been one of the 10 writers selected to James Franco’s Filmmaking Masterclass at Studio4LA. As a students’ collaboration with Rabbit Bandini, she is to pen a segment of the ‘Evil Days’ project which will be in production in Spring 2017. Franco, himself, will be the head instructor…

  17. Women In Film Upfronts 2017

    25 Oct 2017
    After the judges tabulations, Catherine’s project ‘About That Life’ (A Television Series) has been selected as semi-finalist and will be moving on to the second round of judging. With over 100 entries within the WIF organization, only a third of those entries made it to the semi-finals. Congratulations! (source)

  18. BET Experience Presents Maxwell Dickson

    25 Oct 2017
    Check out a segment shot + edited by Catherine Ouellette for BET Experience x Maxwell Dickson.  Bart Cooper Merges Beauty and Art.