>> FEB 2019

And It Begins...

Day After Valentine's, a project that I wrote and directed is now on Amazon Prime Video. A spontaneous project -- done under two weeks, only proved to me that if willing, it's all possible. Day After Valentine's, starring Kate Tumanova and Alex Lavelanet, premiered at TCL Chinese Theatres and screened in Cannes.  I am pleased to tell a story about systematic sexism and racism. Hope you enjoy the narrative!

I've joined Stationhead, a streaming company whom helm partnerships and work closely with major companies across music and entertainment including GOOD Music, 300 Entertainment, Def Jam, Raekwon, Island Records, Atlantic Records, Lava Records, and RCA, among others. I will be rebooting the CatBoxLive show on Mondays 10pm EST/7pm PST starting February 18th, 2019. Jump in our chatbox!

- Cat O.

P.S.: Check out my latest blogs as I'll be updating them on the regular.