#NowPlaying 001: Rock and Bop.

The question that I often get is: What do you listen to when you’re not DJ’ing.  The truth is, I normally enjoy Jazz music, Classical, Brazilian / Samba, Electro Chill Vibes. Anything that isn’t on the radio or whatever I play out during my gigs. That would drive me bonkers.  People may not understand how sensitive are of the DJ ears.  I used to be a buff on my fave DJ’s mixes from DJ MOS, Nina Sky, DJ 88, Anthony Valadez, Ani Quinn, DJ Soul, DJ Mr Best, DJ AM, to Eli Escobar and more.  Once in awhile, I’ll tell Alexa (Amazon Echo) to play Pharrell’s Pandora Station or a bit of Dancehall.  But then you can catch me into James Brown, 90’s Hip-Hop, or The Clash and The Rolling Stones.  You can say that I am very New York musically.  A melting pot of rag & bones. Anyway, here’s a glimpse of my playlist.  I shall return into providing you all with a new mix, a once in a decade event. LOL OK HERE it is.