My Zara Shopping Haul 1.0

(Above: Zara Checkered Sequined Sequin Dress at $45, Zara Faux Leather Biker Jacket at $69.99)

It’s back to school shopping yet it feels like the 90’s all over.  From the plaid anything making a comeback to baggy clothes with big logos, I was at home with our current fashion trend.  

Zara is known for affordable career women pieces but had added looks aimed at the younger demographics (TRF aka Trafaluc).  A step higher than Forever 21 when it comes to quality in clothing and trend.

I scored that sequin dress for $20 at a Zara sale.  They were clearing out their seasonal looks. And that faux leather jacket was purchased in Paris, at Zara, because it goes with anything.

(Above: Zara Kit Kat T-Shirt at $25.90, Zara Plaid Casual Pants at $79.90)

I zero’d in the Kit Kat shirt because 1) I love Kit Kat. 2) It was my nickname in High School.  I also own a pair of plaid pants in the 90’s, usually worn by punk rockers, ska band fans, or “skinheads”.  I made it my own look.  

(Above: Zara London Hooded Sweatshirt $35.90, Zara Slogan Cap $22.90, Zara Basic Jogging Pants $35.90)

Aaliyah, TLC, all these R&B mega stars whom rocked the world with their baggy pants made at statement in the 90’s.  I was inspired by one of my fave YouTubers, Desi Perkins, as she rocked this airport look with an all-black matching sweatpants and shirt.  The “London” in bold font gave it a metropolis feel.  Def a fave to wear.