Back To The Basics

Montreal’s Gravity Rock celebrated its 20th Anniversary.  If you’d like to know whom I truly am, dig deep into my stomping ground.  I was 14 when I began teaching dance classes at the Cote-Des-Neiges Community Center which have grown into a full-fledge program. With the help of the city, I used to organize a yearly outdoor event in which B-Boys and B-Girls were invited to battle or get some burn, a lineup of DJs would spin breakbeats all day, and graffiti writers would fill canvases.  By the time I moved to New York, I passed on the torch to Flow Rock.  20 years has passed and I couldn’t believe something that I started in my teens still to this day exist. Most importantly, I am thrilled that it has shaped people towards their dreams and passions.  

Check out some clips from the event!